Why you should learn an instrument.

At McCormick Music Studio, we recognize the immense benefits of piano study. Improved self-esteem and confidence, increased cognitive function, better communication skills, and decreased stress...just to name a few.

Talent is a dirty word.

We believe that ANYONE can become a music maker and experience these benefits.
It takes desire and practice. That's it.

Not your typical teacher.

Piano and teacher Andrew McCormick has a passion for making piano lessons accessible and fun for students of all ages and levels and has founded an innovative studio dedicated to the comprehensive study of piano and a lifelong love of making music.

Register for piano lessons and start making music today!

Happy New Year!

Let music making be a part of your 2018 goals. There's no better moment to begin piano lessons than right now.
Andrew is currently accepting new and transfer students. Rates start at $72/month.

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Current Students

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